Rockhopper Tracker

Rockhopper is a Club Penguin Pirate, he sails to Club Penguin every month, he stays for almost a week, and you can find him too, this guide is here to help you. The item rockhopper wears, is impossible to get, and Club Penguin wont give them away, He wears a huge pirate hat with a long back beard, but the White beard is the only one available. He has a puffle names Yarr too. if You find Rockhopper, Click on, Add Buddy. Then you can get a Free Item or Background, Currently its a background.

  • Rockhopper likes, the Dock, the ship, the Pizza Polar, Ice berg, and cove.
  • He gose on popular servers like, Mammaoth or Frozen.
  • Look with friends and have a better chance of finding him.

Here’s Rockhopper’s player card:

You can also put him on your Ignore List to remember him.

This Page will be updated when new updates about rockhopper.

Rockhopper’s Status: Online (click here to refresh).

Server: Wind Chill (click here to refresh).

Room: Migrator (click here to refresh).


3 Responses

  1. How do you go on the shipif its floating away to Rockhopper island?!?!

  2. ya how

  3. you guys should hack ultimate clubpenguin trainer and use the load swf thingy search the migrator on load.swf on ultimate clubpenguin trainer! And by the way
    PLEASE VISIT MY SITE! oh and by the way im no hacker

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