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Club Penguin Ninja Training – How to Beat the Sensei

Ever really wanted to be a ninja? Well My friend, you can now, It’s going to take time and effort. The easiest ways to become a ninja and battle Sensei, are found here.


  • Never give up
  • Don’t judge your self if your loosing, It’s not about winning or loosing, it’s about taking yourself to the advantage.
  • Have fun!

All you have to do to go to the Sensei is to log in to Club Penguin, go to any server, go to the Dojo Courtyard, go in to the Dojo then click the Sensei.


Step 1 (White Belt)

Walk to Sensei and battle a another player, You should do this 5-7 times, to achive your White belt. The white is the most easiest, so don’t let it fool you.

Step 2 (Yellow Belt)

For the secound belt, The Yellow belt. The yellow will bring you into mastering to your next belt, Orange. To win this Yellow Belt, you’ll play this for about 8-12 times, to ahcive it. The yellow belt is the secound easiest so it’s a bit more tricky then you would expet from the white belt.

Step 3 (Orange Belt)

Ahh, You’ve gotten your yellow belt, and working to get to your Orange, huh? Well Orange isn’t an easy one… You must have gotten your most good experenice to have this, to get it, you’ll play for about 9-13 times.

Step 4 (Green Belt)

So, I see you’ve made it to your Orange belt, ay? Well You’ve almost master to your green belt, and your near half way done, so you wouldnt want to give up anytime soon! To earn your green belt, battle penguins for about 10-14 times

Step 5 (Blue Belt)

Wow, you’ve done really well if you’ve gotten this far, your really close to being a Ninja! Now, so you’ve gotten Green belt, and want this blue belt, you can have it, just simply play the game, around 11-15 times.

Step 6 (Red Belt)

Now, you want the red belt, huh? Well the red is short of hard, but I’ll tell you, if you take your time, and put effort into it, you’ll have it in no time! It usually takes around 13-18 times to get such a belt.

Step 7 (Purple Belt)

So you think your winning now? Since your on the red belt trying to get the purple, you think “Oh hey I only have 2 belts left” Well I say, Oh hey and you gotta battle Sensei, and you must learn how to win to the black belt so that you can beat Sensei. It takes around 14-19 times to get this belt.

Step 7 (Brown Belt)

Your ready? Win you get this belt, Sensei knows you’ve worked hard. So the key thing to do here is work extremely hard and you’ll earn this such belt! It takes around 15-20 times to earn this belt.

Step 8 (Black Belt)

Ahh! So I see you’ve gotten your brown belt and ready to move on? Alright play the game around 16-21 times to be a winner, and go on to Sensei.

Step 9 (Beating Sensei)

Alright then, your taking it to the last step to becoming a ninja. Battling Sensei, He is usally one step ahead untill you get that black belt, you won’t win him. So to beat him always remember the steps that everyone have said (founded below) Play him about 5-8 times and you should have him.



Water beats Fire

Fire beats Snow

Snow beats Water

If you have the same of any of them, the largest number will win.

Loading Club Penguin:

Some servers laggy, for your training? Well then you can go on an English server that your buddy is on, and it loads, or you can go to Languages and Click on Portuguese, most servers arent as crowded as they are.

How to make your penguin see-threw:

  1. Have only the Ninja Suit and mask on
  2. Press D on your keyboard, or how ever you dance on your penguin.
  3. You can see thew your penguin!

Any questions, feel free to ask!


13 Responses

  1. hi

    umm i beat senie but he wont make me a ninja.

    please help

  2. u have to be a black belt

  3. remember all you clubpenguin fans when earning your belt, its not all about winning, try to have funnnn!!!!!!!!LOL:)

  4. lol thnx im black belt and he wouldnt die. just a few more times…

  5. play him five times

  6. i beat the sensei so easily it was three to nothing( i had three)

  7. I can’t believe you have to be a stupid member to become invisible!!! I always feel so excluded when members get all this fancy stuff while people who can’t become members!!! IT’S SO UNFAIR!!! If I ever find out how to contact the people who made club penguin, OHHHHHHHH I WILL SEND THEM A COMPLAINT LETTER!!!

  8. I beat Sensei it took four times but I beat him and then I became a ninja but it sucks that ye have to be a member to get the ninja suit

  9. All that time wasted, and all I get is a mask. I think there should be some items for non-members so that people who spend all that time trying to get belts and beat the sensei aren’t dissappointed. Which is what I am. Very.

  10. I want to make myself se through but it doesnt work.

  11. Hi the new ninja jorney is out now and I don’t know what to do. Please can you tell me.

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