Club Penguin Mission Guides

How to Become a Secret Agent

Hey… its Boys Rule486 here! I am going to teach you how to become a secret agent. Just log into Club Penguin, go to any server and any place. There will be a sign at the top right corner saying “M”, click it. After you do that, click “Become a Secret Agent”.

becoming-a-secret-agentAfter you do that, answer the questions that ask you on Club Penguin and there are the answers and questions below this sentence.

Q. Are you ready to become a secret agent?
A. Yes.

Q. Pick one quality that you think a secret agent should have.
A. Honest.

Q. Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator.
A. Being mean or rude.

Q. What would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules?
A. Report them.

Q. What type of personal information should be reported?
A. Saying their address.

Q. Pick one reason you want to be a secret agent.
A. I want to keep Club Penguin safe.

Q. Pick another reason you want to be a secret agent.
A. I want to help other penguins.

After you answer those questions, you are now a secret agent! Below this sentence are the missions for being a secret agent. Next time you log on to Club Penguin, you will see your spy phone and you will be a secret agent. If you don’t see a spy phone, you must have did something wrong answering the questions. Try answering them again and if you still don’t get the spy phone, comment saying that you didn’t get the spy phone and I will tell you exactly what to do!


*Mission 1:

*Mission 2:

*Mission 3:

*Mission 4:

*Mission 5:

*Mission 6:

Mission 7:

Mission 8:

Mission 9:

Mission 10:


~Boys Rule486


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