Club Penguin Tracker’s and Cheats!

Cadence Tracker

Status: Online (Refresh)

Server: Sleet (Refresh)

Room: Backstage, Dock (Refresh)

Penguin Band Tracker

Status: Online (Refresh)

Server: Blizzard (Refresh)

Room:  Backstage, Dock (Refresh)

Now the free items and Cheats!

This is what the Town looks like


You can pick up a V.I.P Pass if you are a member from the snow forts.

Vip pass

Also there are 2 free Items 1 at the cove and the other is for members in the Night Club.

Free item

Now for the Pin. the Pin is located at the boiler room, I dont have a picture but it is in the Pin tracker!


Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

*The New Nespaper is below this post, this was posted on the Club Penguin Blog*

It’s almost here! The Music Jam kicks off tomorrow and there were lots of cool answers to last week’s question about how you guys are getting ready for it. Here’s one we liked from Otter’s Rule:

Me and my friends are all getting ready for the Music Jam Party already. We’ve got all of our instruments gathered up and have already started practicing! We have these rockin’ cool outfits too. I think this Music Jam will be the biggest party on Club Penguin yet! We’ve also planned to meet the Penguin Band backstage. We can hardly wait for this rockin’ cool party! Waddle On!

Thanks – Sounds like you’re ready for the party!

The team’s getting pretty excited around here because next Friday, July 24, you’ll be able to go to a voting booth in the Forest and choose a BRAND NEW penguin color!! Here they are:
So – this week, we want to know which color you’re thinking you might vote for… Do you like the Lavender, Maroon, or Aqua? And why?

New Newspaper!

Hey, Rio Phantom here!

First off we have the Music Jam Party tomorrow! The Penguin Band and Cadence are going to be backstage at the Dock! I will have some trackers up.



Here is a map of Club Penguin during the Party!


Next, Club Penguin is having a vote on what colour the new Penguin Colour should be!

New Colour

Finally the events!


Updating Pin Tracker & Rockhopper Tracker!

Hey, Rio Phantom here!

Now whenever a new Pin is out this tracker will automaticly update with anyone who has it.

Here is the Pin tracker and it’s code!

Pin Tracker Code: 

<a href=””><img src=””></a&gt;

Rockhopper Tracker and it’s code!

Rockhopper Tracker Code:

<a href=””><img src=””></a&gt;

Enjoy 😀

New Club Penguin Fan Gallery Photos Features!

Hey, Rio Phantom here!

Club Penguin has updated the Community page. You can now send in your real life photos. It’s called: “Penguins Around the World.” You can take pictures with your Club Penguin Toy and send it to them and it might have a chance of being shown on the Fan Gallery page!


Also here is how it looks on the Fan Gallery page 😀



New Club Penguin Ruby and the Ruby Pin Cheat!

Hey, Rio Phantom here!

Click on the cabinet in the upper left.


Click on the lamp in the bottom left.


Click on the trash can at the top.


Click on the book in the bottom left.


Click on the plant in the top right.


Click on the painting in the right.


Click on the vault where the painting was.


Click on the Ruby pin.




New Club Penguin Ruby and the Ruby Costume Catalog Cheats!

Hey, Rio Phantom here!

Here are the cheats for the Ruby and the Ruby Catalog.


Click the grey door hinge.


Go to the very last page where it says :”How do I get Coins?”. Click it and slide it down.



Just Click it and the Click yes!