New Club Penguin Sensei Tracker!

Hey, Rio Phantom here!

Since Sensei is going to be waddling around the Dojo hideout like Cadence, and Gary, and Rockhopper, etc. I decided to make a Sensei tracker. That way it is easier for you to know what server he is on and go get a free item from him!

Here it is:




10 Responses

  1. hey my site is going kind of slow can you advertise it on your site plz


  3. Can I use it?

  4. He is on Snow Ball! I just met him a few seconds ago. HURRY HURRY!

  5. You jiust save it then upload it on your computer and when I change the tracker u do the same thing.

  6. hi

    i found sensi he was just on wind chill so hurry

    ps.and i found him a min ago to and he was on half pipe

  7. hi..wer is sensei now?

  8. sensei nearly gone 😦

  9. i have never seen hem

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