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Club Penguin Newspaper 191

*~Hey, its Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rix Rocker here~*

Club Penguin has released the newspaper issue of 191 and instead of going on Club Penguin and reading it, I can show you it here in short sentences and only the most important information. Let’s start!

Firstly, you know how Rockhopper came and his plants came off his ship and went to the Beach, then he left and his plants came all over Club Penguin making a new mission called mission 11 and a new Adventure party coming out tomorrow for a perpous of Rockhopper’s plants spreading all over Club Penguin. But now, I’m just talking about the Adventure party. It’s coming out tomorrow! It’s going to be really fun. I can’t wait!

Adventure Party

The latest books arrived in the Gift Shop last week! If you go back on this site to earlier posts, you can see the cheats and secrets of the Penguin Style catalog! I can’t wait until the next Penguin Style catalog comes out. It’s going to take a long time. Probably in 2 more week’s! I just can’t wait. It still a long time. If only they can release a new one every week or 2 week’s. But the way their doing it is not cool, right? Comment!

Gift Shop

Fairy Fables! Club Penguin’s putting a lot of information and sneak peek’s about Fairy Fables on the newspaper! If you scroll down, you will find a word search for Fairy Fable’s! I also told the answers there. Check them out! Here’s a picture of a Fairy Faible, too:

Fairy Fables

Wow. Lot’s a mew stuff, eh? Comment if you think that! Anyways, the 101 Days of Fun on Club Penguin has been released again for week 2! If you look in the newspaper there at that page and click every day from June 11 to June 17, you find information and it tells you what to do on these days, just like last week! I wonder what we should do next week… comment your thoughts on next week’s 101 Days of Fun that we could do as activities! The reason Club Penguin did this is because their activities telling us what we should do for over the summer (over the 101 Days of Fun)!

101 Days of Fun - Week 2

Also, you know how at the middle of the post I said to scroll down and look at this Fairy Fable’s word search? If you don’t know, scroll up and read the sentences above the Fairy Fable’s picture. You don’t have to, but oh well. Here’s a picture of a word search you can find at page C5 in the newspaper (newspaper issue 189). It shows the answers for the word search! You search for words that are at the very right of the page. They’re words that you search for Fairy Fable’s. That’s why I told you to read it or not. If you don’t want the answers and want to do it by yourself, just don’t look at the picture below these sentences. If you do, look at it. Well, I told you enough! There’s a lot of information in this newspaper! Here’s the picture of the word search and answers:

Word Search

Lastly and finally, the events for the newspaper issue 191! We’ve got some good and lot’s of stuff over the summer where there’s no school! You can check the events at page C7 of the newspaper issue 191 which came out today. Scroll down to read the events if you can’t see the words in the picture or can’t see the picture. The picture’s under these sentences. Anyways, here are the events if you don’t want to go on Club Penguin and turn to page C7 and read them:


Can’t read the words in the picture or can’t see the picture? Here they are, under this sentence in words:

  • June 12 to July 9 – The Fairy Fables returns to the Stage!
  • June 18 – Dojo Igloo contest winners announced on next weeks newspaper.
  • June 19 to July 2 – The next pin hidden! The pin that is hidden now, is hidden until June 18.
  • June 19 to July 16 – New Better Igloos catalog comes out!

Lot’s of new stuff coming out lately, right? Comment! Tomorrow comes the new Adventure party which is going to be wicked awesome! Make sure to come on this site tomorrow and I will post the Adventure party cheats and more, early! Very early for everyone to see it. Anyways, comment what you think about the latest newspaper, the newspaper that came out today (newspaper issue 191)! Comment!

*~Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker~*


2 Responses

  1. […] Visit link: Club Penguin Newspaper 191 « Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets […]

  2. […] Visit link: Club Penguin Newspaper 191 « Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets […]

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