Club Penguin Adventure Party Sneak Peek!

*~Hey, its Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker here~*

Billybob has posted this on the Whats New page on the Club Penguin website:

Nothing says AWESOME like being able to announce the brand new Adventure Party that’ll go from June 12 – 16!! Are you and your friends ready to be explorers?

Picture 3.jpgNext Friday you’ll be able to discover Club Penguin like you never have before. There will be things to find on a scavenger hunt, a member-only tree house, underground ruins to explore, and secrets in the Forest…. The possibilities for creativity and imagination are endless!

Don’t forget to look in the Gift Shop at the new Penguin Style catalog for things that might help you explore. Get ready to discover what we hope is an awesome new Club Penguin adventure!

Where do you think that place in the picture is? Comment guessing where that picture above is!

*~Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker~*


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  1. i love ur site!11111!!1 lol i keep visiting ur site 😉

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