Rockhopper Leaves Club Penguin!

Guess what! Rockhopper has left! When Rockhopper left, his plants are still at the Beach. Thats mission 11 on Club Penguin! We thought Rockhopper had a great surprise with him, but it turned out that he had brought plants and attacked the Beach! Now, their is going to be mission 11. Rockhopper didn’t do that on perpous, he never knew. Why would hye do that, anyways? If you look through the telescope in Club Penguin, you will see Rockhopper leaving! That’s sad. I wish he could stay for more. I hope he comes back to Club Penguin early! He gets us a LOT of hits for the Rockhopper tracker. It was so fun tracking him, getting his Rockhopper background, and more! Here’s a picture of him leaving, which you can see through the telescope:

02-06-2009 7-34-32 AM

Do you miss Rockhopper? Do you want him to come back early, or stay longer?! Do you want to have mission 11 on Club Penguin? Do you hate Rockhopper for bringing plants to Club Penguin, at the Beach, and is creating mission 11? Well, comment telling us what you think of the plants at the Beach, Rockhopper leaving Club Penguin, and lots more!

Don’t forget the 25,000 hits party for Kurby Kudly8 aka Rio Phantom and me (Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker)! Comment if you are coming!


Are you coming? Comment!

*~Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker~*


One Response

  1. I promise you that Rockhopper is evil! He works with Herbert and Klutzy

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