Rockhopper & Plants!

Hey, Kurby kudly8 aka Rio Phantom here!

Post made on the Whats new page on Club Penguin

Some of you have noticed some changes around the island. It seems that helping Rockhopper move the plants to the Beach has caused something unexpected to occur!! What do you think of all the green in Club Penguin right now? I don’t want to give anything away, but I think we should stay tuned and keep our eyes on these plants…

You’ll find the new Snow and Sports catalog at the Sport Shop today, and members will also discover some new music for their igloos. Some of you told us that you wanted music from the Dance Contest game and DJ3K – let me know if you can figure out which ones are from the games!!

Also a new Club penguin Log In screen for the upcoming Adventure party!



6 Responses

  1. nice post!!!!

  2. Awesome Job!
    You have been added as an admin 😀 But remember : Please Do Not Advertise 😀

  3. Don’t Change Themes , Add / Remove Widgets . You also have been added to our blogroll .

  4. Don’t add pages.

  5. Can U Add Me In Ur’s & mictureys blogroll?

  6. Will you really get me Domain & CSS ?
    I will be pretty thankful to you 😀

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