New Club Penguin Construction at the Beach!

Hey… its Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker here!

I went to the Beach and noticed some constuction happening there. I’m not sure what it is, but I think it is a new mission. Do you think that? Comment! I also think its something else. Comment your guesses and we will see who gets the correct guess. If it is the new mission, nobody wins. Nobody gets to comment the new mission, if it isn’t, and somebody comment a guess which was right, they will win a prize. It is a rare penguin. P.S. I do not know what kind of construction it is, but comment your guesses and whoever gets it right will win a prize (a rare penguin)! Here is the construction happening at the Beach:


What do you think it is? I think its a new mission. Comment your guesses here on this post (you are not allowed to comment saying its the new mission, because I already said that) and whoever wins gets a rare penguin.

~Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker


4 Responses

  1. A summer party. like a luau

  2. It is probably nothing…

  3. its nothing just plants…

  4. its stuf for the aventher party

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