New Club Penguin Spanish Servers & New Penguins!

Hey… its Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker here!

Me and Kurby Kudly8 made a new penguin, just like Mixturey did, his is Rim Repter and they all rhyme with”Rim” and we are using these penguins mostly, and we all have these penguins because our old ones have 1 more ban until they get banned forever. They are all new, me (Boys Rule486) don’t have membership and we might get membership soon. Mixturey aka Rim Repter has membership for I don’t know how long, but all the penguins are still new and the names have just got approved.

My (Boys Rule486) new penguin is Rix Rocker and here is a picture of his penguin:

Rix Rocker

Kurby Kudly8’s new penguin Rio Phantom and here is a picture of him:

Rio Phantom

Mixturey/Lil Mixturey’s new penguin is Rim Repter and here is a picture of him:

Rim Repter

Those are the penguins!

Also, here are the new Spanish servers that came out today early in the morning, you can click here to go do them or do the following orders. Here is how to go to them:

1. Go on Club Penguin

2. Click the “Select Language” button on the top right corner of your screen.

3. After you click “Select Language”, it should come down saying a lot of languages, but click the last one that says “Espanol” with an accent on the top of the N. It should take you to the Spanish servers.

24-05-2009 8-01-30 AM

Here are the servers:

spanish servers

Do you like our new penguins? Do you like the new Spanish servers? Comment here saying if you like, or if you don’t like the new stuff I just said and posted.

Don’t forget the party coming this Monday!

Where? White House, Dock

When? May 25, 2009 (Monday)

Time? 6:00 Pm EST

3:00 Pm PST

Rim Repter is Mixturey, Rix Rocker is Boys Rule486 and Kurby Kudly8 is Rio Phantom. We are not going on our old penguins. We are going on our new ones.


~Boys Rule486 aka Rix Rocker


2 Responses

  1. I made a penguin… He is called


  2. Repter rim gave me to please send me the password to hotmail

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