New Penguin and Club Penguin Banner!

Hello Everyone!

If You Have recently been banned and you where doing the “Moonwalking” hack the other day that’s why. Everyone who did that (Most likley got banned) and yes I was one of them I now use a new penguin Called “Rim Repter” I’ll be using him from now on. Boys Rule486 was also banned because of this. Please Be careful I just wanted to make sure you guys watch out so you don’t get banned.

Don’t Forget I will be using Rim Repter FROM now on for Club Penguin. So If You See Me I’ll add you.

Heres a Photo of Him:

My New E-mail is also

*And Yes I’ll be back to posting more, Starting Thursday*

Thanks Everyone!

– Mixturey (Yes I Finally made a post) Lol Sorry Guys.

Update (Made by Boys Rule486): Hey guys, Club Penguin has made a new banner!

Club Penguin Banner


~Boys Rule486


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