Free Penguin Contest

Contest Over

Hey guys, Kurby Kudly8 here!

This is how the contest works. You must find out what is missing in the picture below.

Hint: It is near my penguin!


Whoever guesses what is wrong in the picture above will win this penguin:

Winning Penguin

Comment on this post telling me what is wrong with the picture.

Good Luck!

~Kurby Kudly8


13 Responses

  1. Lets see who will win.

  2. i think theres the letter L missing from ur name!It says kurby kudy8!
    If i win plz send name + pass to

    Boys Rule486: You are very, very close. It has something to do with Kurby Kudly8’s name. If nobody gets it right, you will win because you are the closest. Try another guess! Keep trying, never give up, persevere!

  3. theirs a space between kurby and kudly!


  4. a little bit of the first k is missing?


    YOU WIN!!!

    Boys rule486 Will e-mail you soon 🙂

  5. I was gonna guess the same thing!

  6. Oh and Whoever sent me an email about the coin code go to my blog again and comment what is his first pin. Incase here is my blog:
    Link Removed

  7. Yay!Thanks so much!Ur the best!!!!!!!:)

  8. No Problem.

  9. Good for you Match87055! I have e-mailed you the user name and password!

  10. its the gift shop

  11. theirs a space between kurby and kudly!

  12. a little bit of the first k is missing?

  13. can you tall me the username and password to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaa

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