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Club Penguin – How to Moonwalk

Hey… its Boys Rule486 here!

I found a cool hack where you can moonwalk on Club Penguin, which Club Penguin is going to be on this new trainer called Penguin Storm 5. This may get you banned, or banned forever, so try it on another penguin. If you don’t have another penguin, just make one! I do not know when Club Penguin will fix this hack. I hope Club Penguin does not fix this hack forever, or for a long time, but there’s a 90% chance Club Penguin is going to fix this have for after a while. I am also going to teach you how to do it! Here are the steps:

1. Download Penguin Storm 5 by copying and pasting this link: http://www.cpcheats.info/downloads/PenguinStorm5Beta5.zip

2. If you don’t have Winrar, download the SWF by clicking here.

3. If you do have Winrar, click here.

4. Open both files, Penguin Storm 5 and the SWF (Flash).

5. After you do step 4, go to the SWF/Flash and drag it over to the Penguin Storm 5 file. Here is an example for if you have Winrar (you do the same thing if you don’t have Winrar):


6. After you drag the Frame.SWF to the Penguin Storm 5 files, something will pop up. Click OK.


7. It should look like this if you have Winrar:


It should look like this only if you don’t have Winrar


8. Open Penguin Storm 5 (it goes to Club Penguin) and click Advanced at the top of your screen in Penguin Storm 5. Something will pop up. Click OK. Another thing will pop up. At the top of it, at the left side of where it says “Load SWF”, it says “SWF Name”. Erase that.

9. After you erase “SWF Name” which is at the top of the thing that pops up after you click OK, when you clicked Advanced at the top options of the program called Penguin Storm 5, type in frame.swf?frame=09 . After that, click Load SWF then close the box. The box should look like this:


10. Its not just frame.swf?frame=09 , that only points the penguins down (south), theres a lot others too! This picture under this sentence shows the key for different directions, so in the box, you putframe.swf?frame=__ like 09, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16! They all point the directions on the picture, example: 11 =left/west. The key for the directions is here on this picture:


If you don’t get it, here are directions in words (If I say left right/south east, it means that its in between left right/south east):

09 = down/south

10 = left down/west south

11 = left/west

12 = left up/west north

13 = up/north

14 = right up/east north

15 = right/east

16 = right down/east south

If you don’t know where to put the numbers, here is an example:frame.swf?frame=__ fill in the missing numbers in __ like frame.swf?frame=16 .

11. You are now moonwalking! You can’t see your self moonwalking, but people can! If you want to see your self moonwalking, open another file of Penguin Storm 5, something will pop up saying “Multiple connections detected. Please disconnect old connections”. At the top options at the left, click Edit. After you click Edit, click “Hide Error/Multi login”. The thing that pops up should go away. Log in and go to the same server as the other penguin did, and same room. If you forgot where your server and room is, go on the penguin you are doing the hack on and at the top options and at the very left, click “Information”. After you click “Information”, click Room Name if you forgot what your room is, or click Server Id if you forgot what server your on. It should answer you at the very bottom of the Penguin Storm 5 file of your screen. If you are already are logged in to 2 people and at the same server and room before you did the hack, go to another room, do the hack and come back. If you stay at the same room, you won’t see your penguin moonwalking, but if you go to a different room and come back, you should see your penguin moonwalking. Note: The moonwalking hack might make you get banned, so I suggest that you should get your other penguin. If you don’t have another penguin, make one. I do not know if Club Penguin si going to fix this hack, block it, block Penguin Storm 5 or make Penguin Storm 5 stop working.

So did the moonwalking hack work with you? If it didn’t, comment here saying if it didn’t work, or if it did work, and either me (Boys Rule486) or Kurby Kudly8 will either comment back or edit your comment and answer your question! Also comment if you liked the moonwalking hack, or if you don’t like the moonwalking hack and comment something else if you want too! The team would really appreciate it if you would comment here on this post. This post took me areally long time to do! It took me about 1 hour! Wow! This hack is really good, try it!

Have fun doing the moonwalking hack on Club Penguin/Penguin Storm 5!


~Boys Rule486


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