Rockhopper is Coming to Club Penguin!

Hey… its Boys Rule486 here!

Rockhopper is spotted! He is coming to Club Penguin next week! I can’t wait! Finally! After all these months, Rockhopper still hasn’t come for a long time. You can see him on the telescope in Club Penguin. Here is how to get there:

Log in to Club Penguin, to any server, head to the Beach, in the Lighthouse, waddle to the Beacon upstairs across the stairs, or just click “To Top” and you will be at the beacon.

Here is how it looks like in the telescope:

rockhopper not zoomed in

Here is a zoomed in picture to look at his Migrator and if you don’t know what Migrator means, it means Rockhopper’s Ship.

rockhopper is coming

Are you waiting until Rockhopper comes? Are you waiting to see his latest surprises Rockhoppers going to give you? Are you waiting to see Rockhopper and try to be his buddy or put him on your ignore list to prove that you met him? Do you want to buy his surprises and see him and get the Eye Patch? Well, comment here saying if you are waiting for all these stuff and saying if you are waiting, or if you don’t or if you like him, or if you don’t like him.


~Boys Rule486


2 Responses

  1. Cool, I can’t wait until Rockhopper comes with his latest surprises!

  2. I have already met him. You can’t ignore him or be his buddy anymore!! He gives out a background!

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