Club Penguin Cheats – How to Get Medieval Music in Your Igloo!

Hey… its Boys Rule486 here!

Since there’s not much stuff for non-members and can’t do anything on Club Penguin, I played for a while on Club Penguin and kept trying to do a glitch or a cheat. I found this glitch on Club Penguin for non-members where you could get Medieval Town music into your igloo! Here’s how to do it?

1. Log in to Club Penguin and into any server and to the Town.

2. Click the door of the Knight Club/Dance Club to go to the Knight Club/Dance Club.

medieval cheat

3. Once your beside the door and about to go into the Knight Club/Dance Club, click the Igloo icon to go to your igloo. NOTE: It may take a couple of tries to do it, so keep trying!

medieval house

4. Once your in your igloo, you will hear Medieval Town music in your igloo without being a member to turn on the Medieval Music! If this glitch did not work, try it again, it may take a couple of times for it to work. If you are a member, you don’t have to do the glitch, you can just simply click the Edit Mode icon and you will be in Edit Mode. Once your in Edit Mode, click the Tape at the bottom right corner beside the Edit Mode, but just on top of it, which is the first one. Oncee you click the Tape, easily click the Medieval Town button on the right corner of the music track when you click the Tape and the music tack pops up. Here’s how the Music Track looks for members to easily put Medieval Town music into there igloo:

medieval music

Do you like the new glitch I discovered, today? Comment here, on this post about what you think of the new glitch I discovered! Also comment saying if you still don’t know how to do it, or if it is not working. Lastly, comment saying if you still don’t know how to turn on the Music Track when your a member! I will tell you how to do the thing your asking by editing your comment and saying “Boys Rule486 ——-” and saying what your asking for with Bold letters for you to see it. NOTE: You can only open the Music Track if you are a member.

Have fun doing the new glitch!


~Boys Rule486


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