Club Penguin Medieval Party 2009 Update

Hey… its Boys Rule486 here!

The Medieval Party is on until May 17, and we’re excited that you’ll be able to conquer kingdoms, climb castle walls, and hang out with dragons. We’d really love to know what you and your friends are doing as you’re exploring the island medieval style….

Knight's Quest hehehe.jpgIn other news: Check out the new play, The Haunting of the Viking Opera – it starts today at the Stage!! And don’t forget – if you are having problems seeing the party – try clearing your computer’s cache.


~Boys Rule486


3 Responses

  1. Take the quiz to see if CPRA (club penguin rulers army) is right for you. Anyone who gets 6 or more right should join anyone who gets 7 or more is highly requested to join but anyone can join! 😀 Plz join at Link Removed our chat box is Link Removed

    Link Removed

  2. Do you guys like the new update Club Penguin has made? Comment here saying if you like it, or if you don’t.


    ~Boys Rule486

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