Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #186

Hey… its Boys Rule486 here!

Club Penguin has released a new issue which is issue #186.

Tomorrow is the Medieval party! I can’t wait! I hope the Medieval party on Club Penguin is really cool. It is on for May 8 – 17.


The New Better Igloos Catalog comes out at May 15. I hope the furniture is good for Spring on May.


A new stage is coming out tomorrow on Friday which is on Club Penguin and its called “The Haunting of the Viking Opera” and is starting on May 8 – June 11 at the stage! I hope its really cool, and I hope you like it.


Here is the Sneak Peek of the play.


It looks really cool! I hope you like it, because I do.

Here are the Upcoming Events! Check them out, they tell you everything I just said, but all in 2 pages just telling you that this is coming out at May 8 – 17 and all that.

events1Can’t read the Events? Here they are!

  • May 8th – 17th – Club Penguin 2009 Medieval Party!
  • May 8th – June 11th – Viking Opera Play Comes To The Stage!
  • May 15th – June 18th – New Better Igloos Catalog!
  • May 8th – May 21st – Find The Collectible Pin!

I like this newspaper, how about you? Comment saying if you like it, or if you don’t like it.


~Boys Rule486


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  1. awsome newspaper!

  2. nice site and post! Keep up the good work!

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