Club Penguin Game Upgrades and New Toboggan!

UPDATE: Professorlax is now working on this site as editor. If you don’t know who Professorlax is, he is a famous person who has a site (his site is on our blogroll).

Hey, its Boys Rule486 here! The new toboggan finally came out!

New Toboggan

The new toboggan came out and all you have to do to get them is to go to the map at the bottom left corner, then click the mountain and click the piece of paper at the top of the mountain, if you don’t understand me, there is an image below telling you where the paper is (when you press the paper, it goes to the shop).


After your at the shop, you buy the toboggan for only 300 coins (for members only)!


You have to wear the new toboggan only if you want to sled with it.


Now, go to any sled place and sled with someone and you will be sledding with the new toboggan!


Its really cool, but do you think its cool? Comment and tell us about the new toboggan that came out today!

Club Penguin Update

A new sled and new songs! Game upgrades to Sled Racing and Dance Contest are here and we’re really excited to hear what you think.

dance.jpgIf you could create a design for a toboggan, what features would it have? We’d love to hear from you about the kinds of things you would add to the sled of your dreams!

In Other News: There’s a new pin hidden today so get your friends together and see who can find it first.

~Boys Rule486


5 Responses

  1. Nice Post;

    Site Removed

  2. Hey there I was wondering what advantages the tobogan gives you?

  3. That’s a cool new toboggan that came out yesterday.

  4. Well I dont like the toboggan becuase nothin is different! I would make it go faster or turn more easily. P.S. nice site we should meet on CP some time.

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