Club Penguin New Newspaper Issue #184

Hey, its Boys Rule486 and Kurby Kudly8 here!

The new newspaper came out on Club Penguin and is the 184th newspaper!

Club Penguin Medieval Times Party

I can’t wait for this party, this party is going to the best one… hopefully. There’s only 2 weeks and I can’t wait! It comes out on Club Penguin at May 8th and ends at May 17th! Well, at least it stays for a long time (1 week)! Club Penguin obviously wants to make this an extended party so all the penguins will be thrilled with this update!


Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Updates

Well, the plants are the new theme and that is a bit okay, but aren’t we in the mood for some thing cooler? Hopefully Club Penguin creators make the catalogs better and more cooler and this catalog is coming out on May 24 so get ready for that update!


Club Penguin Coin Program Update

Oh finally there is this new system wich pays us money for being a tour guide or a secret agent! Its this new system called “PAID JOBS FOR PENGUINS” and is coming out on May 1st and wow, theres so much stuff coming out on May that I can’t wait! This can help every one who are working so they can get money.


Club Penguin Sensei Puzzle

There’s a new puzzle out with a Sensei theme! If you don’t know what a Sensei means, it means a penguin who is a master ninja who used to and still is training us in the dojo. Just go to page C5 and you will see the new puzzle, here is how it looks like when your finished.


Club Penguin Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events on Club Penguin! Starting on April 24, there will be new tracks and a new toboggan for the old sled racing game! There are new game upgrades, a dance contest and sled racing!


On May 1 to June 4, there is a new Penguin Style Catalog! whoa, thats a long time! On May 8 to 17, Prepare for the good times (Medieval Times), I hope they make the Medieval times really cool! Find the collectible pin hidden until now on April 23! Next pin hidden is on April 24 to May 7.


I like this newspaper, but do you? Comment and tell us if you like this newspaper!

~Boys Rule486

~Kurby kudly8


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