Kurby Kudly8’s IceBerg Tipping Party Review!

The Iceberg Tipping party went great, a lot of people went to it and started dancing and trying to tip it and this party was really amazing.

Here are some pictures that were taken from the party:

Party Picture #1

Party Picture #2

Party Picture #3

Also I picked 3 lucky penguins! here are their player cards:




Were you there? Did you enjoy the party? Let us know!

~Kurby Kudly8


9 Responses

  1. cool party!!

  2. Hey I’m famous and I’m going to come to your party!!!

  3. Thanks, please come, its almost going to start!!!

  4. Really hope you can all make it 🙂

  5. 😉 i will come since i got time for once in my life to do somthink lol

  6. I was there and the aprty rocked but why didn’t you put my player card up there too,but it’s okay!

  7. that was like the best party ever !!!!!

  8. Thanks, hope you can come for if we have another party!

  9. You have been officially Invited to SnowBossi’s 400.000 Hits Party

    Place : Sleet Dock/Beach [If dock is FULL we will go to the Beach .]

    Time : 10 Am PST

    I hope you can come
    Signed ~Snowbossi

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