How to Nub & Penguin Contest Winner!

UPDATE: Tarheel 26 is the winner for the Penguin Contest at, and Tarheel 26 owns a site and I work on his site and if you, Tarheel 26, are reading this, please comment your email address here or at the at the first page of your site and I will email you the user name and password!

How to nub

There is a new way to nub! Club Penguin fixed the old nubbing glitch, but now they’res a new one!
1. Click on the map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Mine Shack.
3. Click on the space in the image below.
4. Click on the bottom right of the map.
You will now be nubbing! Here’s what nubbing looks like.
If you don’t understand, here’s an animation of how to do it!
Nubbing on Club Penguin is so fun! I hope Club Penguin doesn’t fix that glitch anymore.
~Boys Rule486

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