Easter Egg Glitch

Hey guys! Have you noticed that there is a hidden egg you can’t get? Well if you didn’t, there is a picture of it below!

To get to the egg you have to:

1. Log in to Club Penguin.

2. Go to any server.

3. Go to the Mine Shack.

4. You will find the egg here:


Comment here and tell me what you think of the hidden egg…?


~Boys Rule486


8 Responses

  1. I found out that it is party of the ice…. Lol

  2. Hey Boys Rule486, if I win the penguin just make a page on my site and do a contest like that!! Thx! Don’t e-mail the password!

  3. Arrrrrr! I seen it to! p.s. if anyone sees this this is most likely the real Rockhopper! Arrghhhhhhhhh! Get me some cow’s crog!ps thats milk!!!!!

  4. im the real one!

  5. i the real on@windstream

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