New Pin and Stage!

Well, Club Penguin has released the new pin and the new stage came out and I am going to tell you where the new pin is first!

The new pin is at the Forest!


Then just click “Yes”, obviously.


Now, here is the new stage! Just go to the Plaza then click the door where Boys Rule486 and Kurby Kudly8 are and on top of us it says “QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN PUFFLE”.


Here is what the stage looks like!


Now, at the bottom right corner you will see a catalog that says “Costume Trunk”, click on it. After you click on it, click on the Golden Puffle where under it, it says “QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN PUFFLE” and you will get the Crook & Flail wich costs only 300 coins!


(Under this post is the Easter Egg Hunt post!)

Have Fun!

~Boys Rule486


10 Responses

  1. The new pin is good matching for the Easter Egg Hunt, because your prize is Bunny Ears and the new pin is a Chocolate Bunny!

  2. Hello Kurbykudly8

    Congratulations because you are the new author of SITE REMOVED

    Just comment your e-mail and I will add you!!!!


  3. You have been added as an author!!!!

  4. _______░░░░░_________

  5. Another nice post !

  6. Hey, when you post this on my blog… Please don’t include the pin part. We have a pin tracker for that!

  7. I can check on my bro’s computer though. That’s how I knew.

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