Easter Egg Hunt Out!!!

Hey!! Club Penguin has released the Easter Egg Hunt is out and I am going to tell you where all the eggs are!

Click the Egg for the Egg Count!


The first egg is located at the Town, just click the spotlight and it comes out by its self!


The 2nd egg located at the Cove (right corner below the water).


The 3rd egg is located at the Mine, just drag your mouse all the way to the cart surfer (but don’t click anything) and it comes!


The 4th egg is located at the Dojo Coutyard, just click the egg (that has chinese writing on it) that looks like a lantern.


The 5th egg is located in the Gift Shop, just click the hat in the pile of clothings and the hat will move away and you will find the 5th egg!


The 6th egg is located in the Ski Lodge, just click the Ice Fishing to get the egg.


The 7th egg is located at the Ski Hill (Mountain), just click the top poll are on the thing that has a right square on it.


Finally, the 8th egg (wich is the last egg) is located at the Beacon, just pull the lever you seen on on and that will turn off the light and the egg would fall, then click on it to get it.


You are finished!!! Here is what it looks like when you finish:


Here is the Bunny Ears prize after you finished and click “Claim Prize”!


And finally, here is how the bunny ears look on you!


Have fun with you new Bunny Ears!

~Boys Rule486


4 Responses

  1. AWSOME Post

  2. This took me (Boys Rule486) so long to do! It is organized too!

    ~Boys Rule486

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