Easter Egg Hunt Update

Tomorrow is the 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Eight eggs will be hidden around Club Penguin, just waiting for you to find with the help of some clever clues. But maybe you and your friends are feeling like you need some practice finding hidden things around Club Penguin. Maybe you just don’t feel like you know the places in Club Penguin as well as you could. Here’s your chance to practice… below are ten tiny pieces of areas in Club Penguin. 



Can you figure out where in the world all 10 can be found?


One Response

  1. I think that these are the rooms

    1. Pet shop

    2. Cove

    3. Dojo courtyard

    4. Mine shack

    5. Lighhouse

    6. Ice Rink

    7. Iceberg

    8. Ninja Hideout

    9. Pool

    10. Quest for the Golden Puffle (at the stage)

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