Cool New Glitches

No Names Glitch

1. Go to the Box Store (at the Snow Forts) and buy a Portal Box.
2. Edit your igloo and put the Portal Box inside of it.
3. Stand as far away from the Portal Box as you can, and click on it.
4. Right when you are about to enter the Box Dimension room, quickly click on the Edit Igloo button.


5. Wait until you are in the Box Dimension room.
6. Look around! You can’t see anyone’s user name (including yours), and you can’t see what anyone says!

Random Cool Glitch

1. Log onto any room in Club Penguin.

2. Type any 8 – 10 letter word in the chat bar. After each word, put three spaces instead of one.

3. Perform the cheat by clicking enter. If the cheat was done correctly, your message should look like this.


~Boys Rule486


6 Responses

  1. Im pink !!!!!!!!

  2. on the first glitch go to another room after doing the glitch!!

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  4. Now that is an awesome post. I will be sure to come back and tell others about your site. Keep up the good work.

  5. Great information about Club Penguin, I enjoy your blog and look forward to more information.

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