New Newspaper Update

Hey everyone! Club Penguin released the winners for the sculptures!


The winner list:

1. Doudou15
2. Monalooka
3. Zohannah7
4. Dj Girl Rox
5. Giraffe106

Also, the April Fools party ends at the 6th of April!


The new newspaper came out and there is a new puzzle with boxes and here’s how to play: put the colored boxes in each space that match the colored boxes below, make sure they are all in the same column, and 2×3 box. Its an  easy game.

Note: At the bottom right corner, there is a green box, its not supposed to be green its supposed to be pink, so just change that color into pink and be careful, don’t get tricked, just click the box!


Here is the fake newspaper, all you have to do is click on the box at the bottom right corner.

Here is the real newspaper after you click the box on the bottom right corner.


Hope you like’d the newspaper!

~Boys Rule486


2 Responses

  1. Nice newspaper, eh?

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