April Fools Party Update!

Hey guys! The April Fools party came out! Here is the new blue propeller cap located at the Mine.


There is a new Box Store. You have to go to the Snow Forts then click the door wich days “Box Store” and then click on the Box Store at the right down corner.


There is a new room for members, just buy the Box Portal from the Box Store, just buy it then put it in your igloo then click it and it goes to the members place.


You can climb on walls at the Dojo!


Here are all the SWF’s for every room.


~Boys Rule486


4 Responses

  1. Awsome Post!

  2. Thank You! I love April Fools, its my best party ever! April Fools is always the best on Club Penguin and in real life!

  3. Can u plz help me work Penguin storm 4?

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