New NewsPaper

The new Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #180 has came out and is jammed packed full of good Club Penguin information!!!

Penguin Play Awards !!!

Well the Club Penguin Team has the awesome play going on til March 9th and that means more awesome tracking of the new awesome penguins that are visiting Club Penguin : )

Get your best dress or suit and go out on the red carpet to show off your awesome Club Penguin style. Go to the catalogs and grab a tuxedo or dress and get your penguin in style because this will be a bigger event then any other play before. How do you like the play so far?


Remember the catalog will only be out til the party ends so make sure to get the one of a kind clothing!!!! : )

Penguin Sculpture Winners

The penguin team has made 5 new lucky winners for the sculpture contest. These were some very neat designs Club Penguin says and really inspired them : ) I made a submission, but I guess they haven’t looked at it yet  : (

Winner list:

1. Yacou123

2. Zsanett

3. Eggy1plant

4. Imagem

5. Extraboum

Make sure to check back here for locations of the sculptures and what the sculptures looked like!!!! : )

Ninja Update : ) !!!

Awesome there are some very new updates!!!! : )

The Material Art Works catalog will be having new items coming out and I am sooooo excited for this awesome update : ) There will be some cheats for the catalog and I will be updating very fast on all that!!!!


So check here for all that information and also there is a fortune cookie and now he is saying the ninjas will have something special????!!! That’s a very cool fortune from sensei, I believe he might arrive on Club Penguin, but thats just a rumore.


Hmmm interesting huh? I will have more on that subgect soon!!!

Anyways here is what you will be seeing coming up on Club Penguin very soon and events already started!!!


Penguin Play will end on April 9th

Snow Sculptures coming out on March 20th ; ) will replace old ones!!!

Hope you liked the newspaper update, tell us what you thought : )

Credits to Club Penguin World


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  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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