New Newspaper

Hey guys, today’s newspaper has some really cool stuff in it


The top five play’s that were chosen are

  1. Fairy Fables
  2. Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl
  3. The Penguins that time forgot
  4. Quest for the golden puffle
  5. Ruby for the Ruby

Her are the top five winner’s for the sculpture contest, the neext five with be announced on firday! Did you win?

  1. Marco A9
  2. Lucasbas
  3. Rossette37
  4. Ice4biel
  5. Wubby98

Here are the upcoming events:


What do you think of today’s newspaper? Let me Know !

Anyways, Boys Rule486 (wich is Mahdi83777) is back working on this site!


4 Responses

  1. I thinks it’s cool !

  2. cool site:)
    Keep up good work.
    Please comment me on my blog.

  3. Sweet post!

    Your site is doing very well these past couple of weeks! : D

    If you don’t mind please comment back on my site!

    Click here to comment back 😉


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