Club Penguin Contest

Hey Guys Im having  a contest the winner gets a free penguin.


1. Guess what penguin matches with what glass design

Ex: A with 1 or B with 3 (that is how you answer what picture matches the glass)

2. Comment and answer

3. The more you comment the greater chance you have of Winning.


contest11123 1: contest9856


contest-1242342 2: contest32123


contest 3: contest-212312

~Kurby Kudly8~


5 Responses

  1. Sorry it looks wierd hopefuly you understand it

    Good luck

  2. A=2

  3. more you comment the bigger chance you have of winning

  4. A is 2, B is 3, and C is 1!

  5. A is 2
    B is 3
    C is 1

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