Club Penguin Dojo Cheats

Hey after all the glitches and bugs have been destroyed out of the Paint By Letters Club Penguin book. They have finally released it for all of us to play! Click on the book shelf or the book on the down right corner. Here is what the shelf looks like:


The new Dojo Lime Book has some hidden pages with free coins. ( I will have Club Penguin Cheats on that soon )

Here is what the book looks like:


  • Here are a couple of Club penguin cheats ( To earn extra coins )

Click and drag the broom upward then let go of the broom, then the broom will go outside and it will make the window have a coin appear )


Drag the huge paint can to reveal a coin:


Click and drag the circle blobbed paint dots for another coin to appear. This is the third secret.


More to come please stay tuned! ;)

Full Credits to Club Penguin Exclusive


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